Friday, March 2, 2012

I am weak...and forgetful

It's been two days.  Two.  And I've already failed.

The background - Every month, I've been choosing a different focus.  Getting rid of junk, taking photos daily, writing cards to friends...This month, I am going meatless and sweet-less.  The meatless I can deal with.  The sweets?  That's another story.  Enter tonight.

A few friends that I work out with decided to have sushi tonight at a local sushi bar/lounge.  A place where you forget where you are.  As we were sitting there, getting ready to order, another couple joined us on the enclosed patio.

It didn't take long to realize that it was going to be an interesting evening.  Not only was there inappropriate make-out sessions, there were many words that flew out of his mouth towards his date that caused our jaws to drop.

Have you ever driven by an accident and couldn't help yourself and just stared.  Well, that's what we did.  Stared, listened, and laughed at the awkwardness and dramatics of the clearly drunken man.

It was so quiet on our end.  Four girls.  Sitting, straining, eavesdropping, laughter.

Every waiter and waitress in that restaurant came out to check on our table and refill our water.  We even got another cup of coffee.

When you pay at this restaurant, they always leave an Andes mint.  After our server left ours, we had another delivered to us.  The workers had to walk by the table just to see what was going on.  We all knew what was going on.

Before I knew it, the green wrapper was on the table and the only thing I knew was I had just eaten a piece of candy.  Oh!!!!!!!!!!!  My eyes went big and I threw the other piece and exclaimed, "What did I just do?"  The girls just laughed.  In the aftermath of hearing this man, we had stopped paying attention completely.  Ugh!

I still have 29 more days where I can be sweet free...


Wendi Richert said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry with you! Your post is hilarious - this couple, all the waiters coming to help you just to observe them. And then you got that mint! Oh no! I felt it, the shock at what you had just done!!! Those mints are teeny tiny, though. Perhaps it doesn't count since it's not an entire candy bar. ;)

Ruth Ayres said...

Cathy --
The way you wrote this slice made me totally understand how you forgot about sweetless. I had forgotten by the time you got to the end of the slice. I wasn't even saying, "Don't eat it! Don't eat it!" because I was so enamored by what was happening around you. Exceptional craft, my friend.