Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Racing Thoughts

It's funny how things can change so quickly.  Earlier today, I received a box of these heavenly doughnuts!  Nine are in the freezer and three are ready to consume from the fridge.

As I tucked them away (we are having a blood test in the morning for a health screening, so none tonight), I knew that I would write about the doughnuts and how dreamy they are.  Then I went to Bible study.

I didn't see my friends (basically fake parents that I've known for 15 years).  I texted the wife and she let me know that she wasn't doing well and to ask her group to pray for her.  Only one other member had come for our group, so I sent her to another (knowing she was okay with this) and went to my friend's house to sit, cry, pray, laugh, and fold laundry with her and her husband.

Emotions were raw, real, and rough.  Watching her battle cancer is tough.  I am amazed at the spiritual journey she and her husband have taken.

Tonight my thoughts race.  I remember my complaints from earlier in the day.  My criticalness.  My frustration with students.

God, may my attitude show that You are Good.  I may not see it clearly right now, but let me rest in that.  Let my racing thoughts stop and rest on the one constant that I have in my life.

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