Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I had the pleasure today to eat lunch with a friend who also happens to be our writing coach for the corporation. She taught our workshop today. She's the type of teacher who is calming, who listens well (truly listens), and is guided by what is best for students. I love when I get the opportunity to sit and watch her in action.

As she came in, she wanted to know what lesson...immediately I knew!

Setting. But wait, they also need to know about moving in the writing process. And, it'd be helpful if you could talk about doing their best. Um, also, what about spreads? Can you also mix in details of setting? Um, setting. Doing their best. Ugh...what do you think?

She just laughs and then says, "You're not getting setting."

She taught about taking their planning and working on spreads and what that looks like as a writer.

I also had to confess to her that I had mixed three lessons on Friday. I know, I know, I know. You NEVER teach more than one thing. Unfortunately, with our short weeks until our vacation and knowing we had missed a school due to snow and another day due to music practice, I taught three lessons (with breaks in between). 

I'm glad I didn't get setting.  I am excited about teaching setting to my students tomorrow and looking at the details that are needed.  We'll post some on our classroom blog. 

I loved hearing the kids work today.  You could hear the buzz of workshop.  You could see writers working.  You could see the wheels turning. 

My messy desk where I keep my notes!

My notes...where I write down what people say.


Bets's Blog said...

I love the buzz too, such a pleasant sound when students are busy working and creating!

Linda at teacherdance said...

Sometimes I think we get so excited seeing the students be enthusiastic we do want to teach them everything all at once. It sounds like you did some of that, plus trying to make up time. What a tricky thing it is to choose what to do, & you just showed that so well in your story. Thanks!

Ruth Ayres said...

Wow...I made your slice. :) Thanks for inviting me into your room. It is a great place to be...and your writers! Now THEY inspire me.

Diana Martin said...

Time is always an issue, isn't it? I felt the same way this week, trying to jam in some lessons knowing I would be out due to meetings.