Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deliberatively Documenting

November was Thankful November on my Facebook page. 

December is going to be spent documenting my month digitally.  I am hoping to post at least one picture a day from December. 

What you see pictured above are my gloves.  Why document this?  Well, they were lost.  Now, they are found and WET.  They are the heaviest, soggiest, coldest things I have held.  They are not fuctional currently. 

I knew I had them in my coat earlier this week and when I went to grab them Tuesday night to shovel my sidewalk, I couldn't find them.  Thinking I had left them in my classroom, I spent Wednesday as a snow day at home.  Thursday morning came and no gloves.

Thursday afternoon came with my students leaving from my after-school club.  As I was sitting outside waiting for parents to show, I noticed two globs hanging over a bench.  Sure gloves.

Truly thankful, because now I don't have to go buy any.

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