Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's currently 7 p.m. and looking back over the day, I am quite happy with what was accomplished.

We had a snow day.  Woo hoo!  Today, I

  • ate a great breakfast!
  • made some amazing French press coffee.
  • made chocolate covered pretzels with a friend.
  • delivered some nearby to another friend.
  • got a great leg workout in (when you're shaking during part of it, you know you'll hurt the next day).
  • delivered items to Goodwill.
  • delivered items to a local consignment shop and used part of my balance to buy two trays (I'll be repainting them soon - but probably after I decide what new shade I might paint my interior walls).
  • went to the grocery (two actually)
  • made peanut butter cookies with Reese cups in them.
  • painted six canvases with magnetic paint (for a classroom project)
  • gathered supplies to make sushi for my class tomorrow (goes with a book we are reading).
  • blogged.  
Hoping my next snow day (although, I hope it's many days away) will be just as productive.

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