Friday, October 28, 2011

The Joys?

For those of you who are married, enjoy your spouse today, be grateful you don't have to navigate the tricky waters of dating and singleness...for those of you who are single, maybe you can identify...

I recently am trying my hand AGAIN at the online dating.  I know that if God wants to use it, He will, but boy, oh boy, do the doors seem to close quickly somedays.

Things that frustrate me on this site

  1. Old men that look at my profile (and by old, I am saying 50s and 60s).
  2. Guys that say they occasionally they mean cigars, cigarettes, or weed? Come on!!! 
  3. Emailing with a gentlemen and then OUT OF THE BLUE, he stops.  No explanation, nothing.  I would appreciate a "Hey, I'm just not that interested anymore."
  4. Having a guy change his mind in 24 wanted my phone number (I wasn't planning on giving it to him yet anyways.) and then 24 hours later decided I lived too far away.  Commitment issues, boys???
Oh, the joys of being single.  Settling is not an option, but, man, there are days when it seems it's an uphill journey in the snow for five miles both ways.


Ruth Ayres said...

Just want you to know I'm thinking of you (and praying for you too). Hang in there friend.

AllisonTheeonn said...

AMEN Friend. Amen.