Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not for the weak at stomach...

What you are about to see may turn your stomach, so if you are weak at stomach, I give you permission today to skip my blog.

Living by myself has its disadvantages and advantages.  Disadvantage - I have to do lots on my own.  Advantage - I learn how to do a lot!

The drain in my shower seems slow lately.  Rather than dumping some Drano down the drain, I took measures into my own hands.  Found this amazing tool at Ace.  It was only $3, so if it didn't work, it wasn't like I wasted tons of money.  Looks harmless, right?  Watch out blockages!!!

It's easy!  Just stick it down the drain, wiggle it around, and pull it back out slowly.

Again, for those of weak stomachs, I beg you to stop scrolling!!!!!!

Stop...Unless you're ready for it!!!

It's called Zip-It!

For those who made it this far, isn't it amazing and gross???  Cleaned out three drains today and am excited to see if it helps with drainage!!!


BK said...

I shut my eyes,but I peaked. Not so gross. I applaud you for a dirty job well done,

teacherdance said...

Not so bad, really, & now you have clean drains! I'd like to find that tool! I especially like that you make things happen without too much grumbling, & look on the good side-you learn something!