Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Classroom...rearranged

I changed the background of the closet doors to black, trying to make it all color-coordinated.  I also have a table in there because we have 3.5 sections this year.  What, you say?  As of today, I have 20 in the morning for reading/writing and then 26 in the afternoon for math, science, and social studies.  I will rotate kids in and out who get to sit at the table.  

We have new computer counters which are currently serving as some hide some stuff under them.  I also bought two new stools from Ikea...love that place!  The black bins will be scattered throughout the room to hold book bins.

Currently, a working with words station.  Underneath is a container with sorted magnetic families.  I am planning on differentiating my words instruction by letting kids know which boxes they can work through.  We will create "I Can..." lists for each station.  The other side of this easel is a chalkboard and also a roll of paper.  Excited for the possibilities!

Our class library!!!!!!  I rearranged some baskets today.  Moved the chapter books all onto certain shelves and need to revisit all of the bins.  Notice the great chairs there?  They were painted from my favorite book, Beware of the Frog, and were a prize for the slice of life challenge.  Excited about letting the kids use them for buddy reading and for their own reading time!

My new desk!!!!  To the right is our tray of writing paper choices.

Our writing choices.

Our meeting and sharing area.  Meeting in a group, sharing in a circle.  And yes, the rug is from Ikea!  :)

Where I will host small group instruction.  Plus, students will now not argue over who sits on the bench for our morning meeting.  

Currently housing various items needed for work in our classroom.  The pile of paper will move soon...just not sure where yet.  Organization is the key...

Feel free to offer any critiques or questions...and yes, if you think it's the most amazing classroom, you can tell me that too.  ;)

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