Friday, June 17, 2011

New thoughts from babysitting

Tonight marks the first entry where I am using MY internet. Not my neighbor’s, but mine. Yes, folks, I went out and purchased a Verizon air card.

I am finally finished watching my friend’s kids. I am not going to lie, it’s so nice to be in my home. It’s nice to not be responsible for others, just myself. It’s nice to not have to clean up anyone else’s mess but my own.

I learned quite a bit this week. Parents sacrifice and sacrifice and when they are done sacrificing, they continue to sacrifice. Parents give of themselves and aren’t thanked nearly enough. Boundaries and guidelines are good. If you don’t introduce certain foods in the beginning stages of life, it’s more difficult to get them to eat them when they are older – carrots with cinnamon and honey, sweet potatoes, and roasted chickpeas didn’t go over so well with the older boys, but the girl that I watched last summer ate them right up! Coffee is my friend (I already knew that one). Sweet moments with kids melt my heart. The importance of praying with kids…it was great when the boys requested it at mealtime.

If given the chance, I think I could make a good parent. Yes, I lost it at certain moments…the crying baby in the car, the fussy afternoons, the never-ending job of sweeping up the floor (seriously, if you don’t like the food, stop throwing it on the floor, just leave it on your high chair). Overall though, a parent’s job is the most important one. Thank you to the parents that read my blog. Thank you for giving of yourself for your kids and your family. Thank you for loving them and fighting for them!

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