Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How do you do it?

Mothers, how do you do it? Granted, most of you are not thrown into a pre-existing family where you, the adult, is the changing factor, but wow...I have gained so much more respect for parents. As I tucked the boys into bed and discussed the details of the morning where I'll be taking them to a neighbor's so I can attend a training, the middle boy (who I had a melt-down with the first time I babysat him and has been my worry point this whole week), said, "Huggy" as I pulled the blankets over him. How sweet...but it gets better.

As I stood at the doorway and finally realized that we had forgotten to brush teeth tonight (at least they had showers), I sighed, and said we'd brush really well in the morning. Going over the details one more time of making sure we had the snacks and cereal ready and what clothes they would need to wear, I turned and walked away.



"I love you."

My heart melted! I walked back to the room and told him that I loved him too.

Maybe I'm doing something right...

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Deanna said...

THAT is how we do it... just as you noted in your post... after an exhausting day OR even in the midst of an exhausting day, one of my kiddos will say something that gives me a GLIMPSE of the fact that what I am doing, day in and day out, MATTERS. Hang in there.... I'm sure that the kiddos ARE loving you! ;) Miss you, girl!