Friday, March 25, 2011

Wonder of Reading

Tonight I was rewarded. I have met the illustrator of the Stinky Face books, but tonight I had the pleasure of a three year-old read Merry Christmas Stinky Face to me.

As she opened it, I knew there was a repeating line, but to hear her read most of the lines and truly say probably 95.6% of the words correctly and in order, I was amazed.

Her mom has read the book to her a few times and she seems to pick up words quickly.

It was truly a joy to sit and just listen to her read. I couldn't help but begin to assess her reading. She had great expression and knew how to raise her voice at question marks. She paused at commas, reread when she lost her way, and paused to enjoy the pages.

What a treat!


teacherdance said...

Sounds like she has had loads of experience, a reader in bloom! Nice sharing.

Elizabeth G. said...

I feel the same way watching my boys read. Whether it's retelling a story or reading the heart just swells. Happy reading!

katieoobeemath said...

What a treat indeed!

Essay Writing said...

Love this one..