Thursday, March 24, 2011


Every other week on Thursday, I am doubly blessed. First, I have this parent helper who comes in and does whatever I ask her. She's amazing! I love parents that help! Even just a little goes a long way.
This afternoon, I was expecting four high school students and two adult helpers. We were going to do some word stations, review telling time to the minute, some homework that needed read to a student, and grade math papers that I have put off.

As we were in writing workshop, our writing coach popped in. She stayed to hang out while we were in workshop and I knew our students were coming soon, but it was nice to have her in there for the time that I did have.

And as we conferred with the students, I kept waiting for the students. And waiting. And waiting. By the time we lined up for library, my students had had one of the longest workshops ever and our high school friends weren't there.

Flexibility is huge in a teacher's day. I thanked my students for their flexibility. I praised them for being able to write for as long as they did. It's always amazing to see how their stamina truly grows through the year. I worked with as many students as I could after their recess and I let go of what was supposed to happen. Looking to tomorrow, our box for Friday got a few more activities placed onto the schedule, but it's okay. Some of my students are making some breakthroughs in their writing and I was glad they had the chance to show themselves.

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