Saturday, March 19, 2011


My church participates with an organization that takes food boxes to villages in Honduras each summer. Last year, I had the opportunity to go and give them. I am going again this summer. I had purchased three boxes to pack myself and due to procrastination, I needed to get them to church as soon as possible.
I traveled to two different grocery stores trying to get the best deal possible. I began packing the boxes and as I lifted one of the five pound bags of rice, my thumb nicked the bag at just the right spot and it split open. Ugh!

That called for another trip to Wal-Mart and I didn't want to drive back out there. Therefore, I decided to go to a closer grocery store and since it was so nice, I walked.

And while I walked I listened to my iPod. I was greeted by three of my junior high small group girls in the truck at the intersection. I ran into a friend who is going to talk to her husband about possibly helping support my trip. I carried ten pounds of rice back to my house. I thought about the weight that I have lost over the years and can't imagine having that back on after lugging the ten pounds back. I talked my mom through a camera/computer question on the phone. I talked to my neighbors and toured their house that they are rebuilding.

Sometimes, taking a car is overrated. I would have missed out on quite a bit.


Diana1LitCoach said...

I think that is so neat that all those nice things happened just because the rice bag tore open. I think things happen for a reason. :)

Deb said...

So true...I'm so glad that by slowing down you were blessed by moments that would not have happened.

teacherdance said...

How good that you found a way to make a mishap into a gift. It is a good story, so reflective personally about your plans, what happened, how it might have been, how it was. I enjoyed it a lot.