Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am realizing more and more the power that words have. Today, words brought me smiles, challenges, strength, peace, encouragement, and power.

Hearing that someone paid it forward this morning and I only owed a dollar for my highly-desired latte brought a smile.

Hearing that we should listen more than we talk to God brought me a challenge.

Hearing a song that claims the power of Jesus' name brought me strength as I walked into my time with my small group. It's been a rough past few weeks of meetings where girls don't talk and are struggling with some big topics. Tonight was an amazing one though!!!

Hearing music on Pandora brought me peace as I slowed my evening down.

Hearing a girl's voice on the phone tonight rather than all of her texts brought me encouragement that a relationship can be built and there will be victory in her life.

Hearing someone's story tonight brought power as I prayed with her.

One of my friends is a lover of words. She's amazing. She has a true and gifts her words generously to others. I am beginning to see the power that she knew all along.

Your words matter. Speak them. We need them!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an encouraging post!! I agree that it is important to listen to God more than we talk to Him, but it's so hard to be quiet and still before Him. It's cool how we both wrote about the power of words in our posts. I'm glad to meet a fellow sister in Christ as well through the slice of life challenge! God is so good like that! :)
--jee young

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