Monday, March 28, 2011

Across the room

It was just across the room. I've been there before. The magazines are kept in that alcove. Comfy chairs invite you to take a load off and look through a book.

Today, there was a different reason to go. Today I embraced people that were unknown to me only two days ago.

We chatted. Caught up on one of the residents from the homeless shelter and what was going on with her medically. Made plans for me to bring chocolate eclair dessert over to the shelters this week. Invitations were extended for me to come and volunteer again.

Yes, I'll be back, because you matter...


Ruth said...

This is such an inviting, warm slice. Knowing that your visits matter is a gift, for you as well as those you visit.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cathy, I love it. Your caring personality shines through. MHG