Monday, March 7, 2011


I love Aldi's! They are a sister company of my other favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's! I found these Asian noodle bowls and was really excited for a quick stir-fry type meal when I turned the bowl over and saw the calorie content.

410 calories. Only 30 from fat. That's not bad. Then I saw it. Sodium - 47%...I think I retained water just holding the box.

I bought it anyways and tonight, went on a kitchen adventure.

First, I chopped up three broccoli crowns. Then I steamed snow peas, carrots, and the broccoli. Cooked the noodles with more water than suggested (help decrease the sodium, right?) and then threw it in with the veggies. I added a bag of shelled edamame (good stuff!!!) and finished it off with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

Waiting for me to devour an amazing stir-fry FILLED with veggies and rather than a one plate meal, I've turned it into 3 or 4...depending on how many veggies I want to eat tonight! Take that sodium!!!

Anyone want to come eat at my house with me?

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Ruth said...

Wow--you are ambitious! Nice bit of problem solving too.