Friday, March 4, 2011

How Famous is Famous?

As I was trying to transition the students from working on their math to writing workshop, I asked them to clean the room because our famous author was about to come.

This began a frenzy. You could feel the electricity begin to build in the room. Students were walking, talking, thinking. Names were thrown out...Could it be Kate DiCamillo? Ron Roy? The anticipation kept growing.

Suddenly, Mrs. Ayres name up. This began a debate. One of my students commented back, "She's not famous."

Another piped back quickly, "She's an author."

"Yeah, but she's only written one book."

Meanwhile I am chuckling. My students are definitely not aware of the teaching community, let alone the blogging community.

Later, I asked my student how many books does a famous author have to write to be famous. His answer? "Two...or one...or three."

I love students' thoughts.

For those who are wondering, I had printed off advice from Lynn Plourde. We are studying her craft in writing workshop.


Bonnie K said...

But Cathy let's talk about an author in the 21st Century...blogger/author, Ruth Ayers...
What was it like to interview Ruth?

Anonymous said...

Not famous if you only write one book? We are chuckling. Love the way you grabbed the moment with your students and the community you are building.:)MaryHelen

Anonymous said...

Love this. Glad you documented it. Feeling honored to "make" your blog. ;)