Monday, December 27, 2010

What I learned NOT to do...

I learned to NOT go out after working out to my local stores. I ran into way too many people today and I was in my workout clothes and had had no shower. Nice. Most of the people I ran into are people I see from school and social events. I am always put together when I see them...except for today.

I learned to NOT complain about a gift card until you type the correct 16 letters and numbers to redeem. How was I to know that that last letter was an F and not an E? Thankfully, I was able to finally input information correctly and we'll just pretend that hadn't happened.

A few weeks ago, I learned to NOT just grab my tennis shoes and head out the door. I ended up with a left and a right of two different models. Same brand, just different models. No one really knew except my feet. I still got my sprints in, but it was definitely a different feel.

I learned to NOT keep sweets that I make. I do not currently have the will-power to handle them well. Therefore, I ran half of the batch of cake truffles under the faucet today. I even spoke to the sweets and told them I didn't need them and sent them down the disposal. Next time I make treats, several will be going to deserving friends, neighbors, and maybe even some of my blog readers. :)

What did you learn NOT to do today?

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HappyGirl said...

Cute post, Cathy. :) Hmmm, what have I learned NOT to do today? Got it -- I learned NOT to get up after the kids. Quiet solace in the morning is more than a luxury -- it's a requirement. ;)