Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Playing around

I bought myself a new camera. The one I used to use was 7 megapixels. I knew I wanted to upgrade and from a friend's recommendation, I switched brands from Sony to Canon.

I was pretty impressed with a few of the extra features that were offered with what I bought, but then become disheartened when I couldn't find how to use them. And yes, I checked the manual, but couldn't seem to make heads or tails of it.

Lo and behold...after a few touches of a button, I found some great features!!! Let me share some photos with you. And a word of warning, I had just moved back home from a week of dogsitting and had unloaded all of my presents from everywhere.

Picking out the green hues...
Picking out the red hues...
Picking out the green in my house...can you tell I LOVE green?

This tree was my great-aunt's. My grandma had one too! I am thankful to have been given this from my mom so I could set up a tree that my cat doesn't chew on. Picked out the red tones.

This is the miniatures effect. I think it would look better with other items in it, such as buildings or cars or having subjects far away, but it's still kind of fun how some objects are blurred and others aren't.

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