Sunday, November 7, 2010


Tonight I visited a dear friend in the hospital who has a blood clot. As we were talking, the marriage seminar came up that she had gone to with her husband. And the tears began. I don't really know what's brought on this flood of emotion lately. Other than maybe just desiring something that God still isn't bringing forth. And while she is laying in the bed with pain, she is trying to bring me comfort. Love that lady!!!

Our church has also been focusing on family Sunday mornings. Last week was about marriage. This week parenting. Next week, the big S talk. Come on!

Fast forward to tonight. I pulled out my prayer journal that I write it when it fits into life. Which is not often. I wrote this two years the way, I always love the writing Cathy better than the speaking Cathy. The words that I write seem to be so profound when I read them later.

From my journal - "Women ache for intimate connection." our God is a rescuing God. "God always shows up, always saves, always rescues. His timing is not ours, but what we can settle in our soul is that God is faithful to come when I call." The quoted words come from Do You Think I'm Beautiful?

I truly needed to read these words tonight. Thank you, Father. I am not deserving of such a beautiful love and you continue to lavish it on me.

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Dina said...

thanks for sharing friend. spoke right into the depths of my heart this morning...