Saturday, November 13, 2010


A few of my friends have done a Daniel fast. I wanted to do purposefully give up something in order to seek and hear God better. However, with my track record of food and disordered eating, I chose to give up something else that often takes away from my life and distract rather than give - TV.

Tonight is the last night of the fast and I'm glad I did it. Life seems quieter these days. I'm able to get more accomplished for school, in my house, munch less, and feel more at ease. I read books, prayed more, and listened to music.

Do I feel like I heard God clearly through this? No...that's the bummer. I was talking with a friend today about it and I feel that He is somewhat silent. Which is okay.

While I'm not giving up TV entirely, it was nice to give it up for a few weeks. I know that I can get through a weekend without having to tape something just to have something to watch. I can shut it off and eat dinner at my table. I can have quiet in my house. I can focus on conversation around me rather than be distracted by background noise.

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