Monday, October 18, 2010


While I tend to focus on the fun things that my class says, I can't help it. They make me smile! Some days I really need it. And since my eye was twitching for the past 24 hours (and still is), smiles were nice.

  • We went to a health museum last Friday and one of the boys commented after performing some exercises, that his heart was beeping.
  • After visiting this museum, I heard this strange humming coming from the sink while I was helping a student with a quiz. Suddenly, I figured it out. My almost-do-no-wrong boy was singing the Happy Birthday song to help time his washing. Smart! And he totally applied the lesson!
  • Today, my Who-boy said he figured out why I have the ball in my room for kids to sit on. It's a back-up chair for my teacher chair. Bless his sweet little heart. Good inferring...wasn't my intention, but I'll take it!

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