Monday, August 30, 2010

What would you do?

I currently have a student who is a level 1 ELL...she has less than 50 spoken words in English people. That's definitely level 1 if not level 1/2.

However, throughout the day I notice she is spending more and more time away from what the class is doing. When I am reading a book, she is off hanging out in the library. She refuses to go to music class and sometimes other specials. She always goes to art. During math, she likes to do her paper at my table (I got rid of my desk, but that's another post). She refuses to come when I ask and motion her to. I eventually can get her to go for a bit, but she'll wind up away from the class again.

Is this normal? Am I okay to not push right now? I let her play on my computer some websites that either have Chinese or teaching letters and sounds in English. Any advice?

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