Saturday, August 21, 2010

Warm fuzzies

It always gives me warm fuzzies inside when you know that some of your students wanted to be in your class. I had one boy (I'm friends with his mom) call and exclaim, "I got you!" over the phone to me. Apparently, I wear him out. He told his mom that after the first day I didn't let him stay in his seat very long. I guess I am doing my job well then. I hate to have the kids stay in one area for too long.

I received a note after the first day letting me know about another student who had a doctor appointment. His mom included that he had told her he had had the best first day ever.

I ask parents to fill out a paper that lets me know any goals, dreams, or information about their child I should know that will help me to be a better teacher for them. I always love reading what they have to say about their kids. Tonight I saw that one of my girls was excited to have me. She had been hoping to be in my class.

Sometimes I doubt the quality of my teaching. I tend to sell myself short. I was blessed to have had our writing coach in (who recently published a book) and she asked to tape some of my writing focus lessons. I am honored that she thinks my teaching is of enough quality to show to others.

This week was definitely filled with warm fuzzies!

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