Saturday, August 21, 2010


I tend to lose my voice often the first few weeks of school and during the fall (thanks sinuses). Friday was no exception. I was greeting some of the students as they walked into the classroom and one of my girls simply said, "You have a problem." Duly noted!

The students wrote down what they learned about bees on Friday afternoon. Our class is decorated with bees due to choosing a bee themed fabric on a whim seven years ago. However, I find that being bee themed is helpful. There are worker bees. They are a community. They live in a hive (we created an area in our room called the Hive). And, last but certainly not least, there's a queen bee that is in charge. Hello me! I even have a queen bee shirt from a student a few years ago. One of the girls wrote down..."I dit no that thrs 1 mom be." Translated into proper English - I didn't know that there's one mom bee (the queen bee). I definitely had a great laugh tonight!

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Jen M said...

Long live the Queen! :)