Monday, August 9, 2010

Rest, relaxation, and crackers

Sorry that it's been a while since I posted. I still have a few entries of Honduras to write about and then talk about some of the lessons that I feel I came away with.

Friday, I woke up sick. The traveler's bug had definitely hit me. On the last full day in Honduras, we always go to the beach (a nice resort) and rest, relax, and reflect on the week. While in your heart you want to go do another distribution, the emotional toll truly does ask for a day of rest. I didn't feel the greatest and ended up eating crackers or granola bars for two days.

The beach was beautiful and we ended up having our driver's son with us (I had requested that he skip school). I ended up for a while with him on the beach drawing in the sand with sticks and creating math problems for him to solve and then having him teach me new Spanish words. His penmanship was gorgeous!

There was also a pier that everyone often jumps off of. A suicide leap of sorts. I walked out on the pier (think old rail road tracks) and sat. The rolling of the water, the wimp that I am when it comes to swimming (I still plug my nose when I go under), and my queasy stomach made for great excuses as to why I didn't jump. Maybe next year...but we'll see. I also need to continue to learn the lesson that just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean I need to.

Friday night we went to a church that is in an airport hanger in San Pedro Sula. To say it was large is an understatement. However, to worship the same God with them as they spoke in another language was great! Tough, but great! I wish I knew what they had been singing and what the pastor was preaching. One action that was definitely different is that every now and again, a horn would go off. I guess someone really wanted to say an Amen and they did so with a car horn (or air horn - not sure which...but it definitely caught me off guard).

Please know that as I was sitting there, knowing we were flying home the next day, thoughts continued to plague my mind. I read Crazy Love last year by Francis Chan and one comment about safety continues to stand out in my mind. He wrote about how we always pray for safety, but shouldn't we pray that God's glory be revealed? If something were to happen, could God's glory be revealed more that way than by having a safe trip? In my mind, there was no greater way for God's glory to be revealed than for us to do our work there and then have Him take us home (heaven) on our way to our earthly homes. That is what was going on in my mind as I wrote this...

I thank you in advance for the gift of life. Let me say thank you every that you give it to me.

I'll come back to that thought in another post...

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