Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Honduras continued

First off...this is my 500th! I hope you current readers will stick around for another 500!

Monday - At our first distribution, I was irritated. After we sing songs, perform the drama, give a testimony, and pray for the people, we set up the distribution. First, the families get their picture taken (families are decided by the pastor beforehand). This can often be the only photo they might have (we use a Polaroid type camera). Then they go through the line. The first day, I was with the shoes. It's hard to just hand them a pair. I looked at the family and had to decide who needed the shoes the most. What floored me was the difference when I go shopping and what they were doing. I am never handed just one item in a store and that's it. I take my time, walk around, grab what I want to try and then go try it on. If it doesn't look right, or fit right, I don't get it. I hardly saw people say no to what we gave. I'm assuming that if it didn't work, they might pass it on to others (at least I'm hoping). I also had brought some necklaces that I had made and just didn't wear. I gave these away to children and women.

At lunch time, we stopped by this palm forest. We saw these leaf-cutting ants there (the kind you see in documentaries). They were amazing! The boys had a great time destroying their line and entering some chaos into their group. We probably watched these ants for 15 minutes. I wish I would have taken a picture.

At our second distribution, I met Sammy. He was at the first house that after I got out of the bus I talked with the family there in the limited amount of Spanish I had. I then made my way down to the school and Sammy followed. The school children got to go then to the presentation and we crowded into the church. It was stifling in there. After our puppet show, I headed outside. Sammy followed. Rachel and I began to make friendship bracelets with thread I had brought. I made one for Sammy and then we began having kids choose three colors and would make the bracelets. Suddenly, it began to rain. However, after being so hot, the rain was definitely refreshing! We sat in the rain for minutes and continued to keep making bracelets because kids kept coming and wanting one. Who were we to say no? Some girls then brought umbrellas and covered us up while we continued making bracelets. Then other girls came and were rattling off in Spanish...I couldn't understand what they were saying and there wasn't a translator nearby. However, we soon figured out that they were telling us that it was time to go...our group was leaving. We quickly got into the truck that the other guy drove with the bus and pulled out to wait for the bus. I saw Sammy looking into the bus and waving and I tried yelling his name, but he didn't hear me. I didn't get to say good-bye to him. However, I am hoping that next year I am able to go to the village or that we visit that same village again. I pray for and think of Sammy daily. He has a bracelet to remember me. I have his picture.

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