Monday, June 21, 2010


I texted a few of my small group girls today. Wanted to get together with some of them. Haven't talked with some of them lately...okay a long time. One of them responded with, "No thanks."


What I want to say back you know how much time I poured into you? Do you realize how much that hurts? Do you even care? What does your walk with Jesus look like right now? Is that why you don't want to get together?

I asked her if everything was okay and if I had offended her.

"Everything's fine. I just don't want to talk."


I know I wasn't the best small group leader, but I was a good small group leader. I cared for my girls and tried to be there for them as much as I could. I wish she knew how much those two simple words hurt. I'm glad she was honest, and I'm trying to not dwell on the negative. There are still many more girls in the group that I can try to invest in as they live life. It does make me second guess myself though a little and wonder if I should invest in a new group in the fall or not.


Anonymous said...

I personally have watched you be an amazing small group leader. I think the only thing is, you forgot to teach her TACT. That was pretty rude!


Dina said...

Maybe her "No thanks" was a thanks for asking but not right now. I know with my girls that I have had in small groups they feel compelled to tell me things even without my asking. Sometimes that can be overwhelming, when in all honesty, I just want to catch up with them and spend some time with them. My experience says don't take offense. I'm sure you were a fab group leader and your girls know that they can come to you anytime about anything. Don't let satan twist the truth. :)