Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Their own riddle

Tuesdays are known as Tickle Me Tuesday...I said it once and now in March, it has still stuck! Every Tuesday, on our morning message, I write a riddle and then using color-changing markers reveal the answer. It's so fun to listen to the collective Oh, as they "get it."

One of my girls was telling us about how she had discovered that a wood duck (she referred to the Encyclopedia of North American Birds to find the picture and show us at morning meeting) had ended up in her house last night. As the students were exclaiming, a boy piped in with "How did it get in your house?"

"It came through the wood burning stove."

"Oh, it's a wood duck."

And then my quirky one never lets me down..."He must have sensed the wood."

Oh how I love them!

Later on during the day, the students had received their artwork back from the elementary art showcase. Every piece of artwork had a participant ribbon stapled onto them.

My quirky one said, "I won an award. Momma, I won the art show."

Another boy lets him know that everyone got a ribbon.

You could hear his disappointment fall over him like Niagara Falls, "Oh."

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