Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tonight I was blessed. I was remembering just over the past 24 hours how I've been blessed. Allow me to share.
  • A friend called me back after she had been asleep to listen to me ramble a story about how a plan I had concocted with another friend had backfired (did you catch that).
  • My students said some funnies that make me laugh and forget about the rough parts of the day.
  • Pedicures!!!
  • Ran into a friend at the nail salon who brightens my day with her smile!
  • A fabulous dinner - Boca burger with broccoli sprouts on Italian crusty bread - yum!
  • My friend and I watched (and caught up) on the Office and exchanged back massages.
  • I talked with my aunt and will hopefully be spending some of my time in southern Indiana and will get to visit a winery with her.
  • A friend and I exchanged dinners and I have pulled pork now to eat.
  • The sun was shining and the birds were chirping.
  • I have an amazing job where I can impact people all around me if I so desire - it's all about choosing my attitude.

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Sarah Amick said...

Sometimes, when I am not choosing the best attitude and I am allowing the negative into my life, I pinch myself and look around. We are truly blessed individuals if we only look around at our abundance. Really, the things we complain about are mere inconviences amongst our abundance. If we remember to look at it that way then we are continually blessed and I believe be are more easily abled to extend our hand of giving.