Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take me away

Since I have a student teacher, I am helping give the state standardized test. Lucky me! One of the girls was absent and had to make up part of the test. I was the one to read it to her. As she was working, she absentmindedly hit the other pencil. It began rolling away from her. Since I had nothing else to do, my eyes were drawn to the methodical rolling and noise. My eyes were drawn to the point of the pencil and suddenly, my brain was taken away to when I was a little girl visiting my grandparent's house in the country.

They had a garden. But to get to that garden, you had to trek down a gigantic hill (looking back now, that hill isn't as nearly as big as I had first thought). Instead of trekking, we rolled and rolled and rolled. After we rolled down once, we'd hike back up and roll down again. Sticking our arms straight out and rolling down as fast as we could before we ended up almost in the bare earth. Those days were fun. Those memories were fun.

I'm glad that rolling pencil took me somewhere else.

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Anonymous said...

My mind wanders during those tests too. The only thing worse than taking them is adminstering them! So boring. I love your story. The kids at my school were doing this in the snow today.