Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am woman...hear me roar!

I was all set to write about how I made sweat drop onto the stationary bike at the Y (which is a huge feat and I'm impressed and grossed out by the men who sweat so profusely that they mop afterwards). I pulled into my driveway and was pleased that my dusk light wasn't on yet (clue number one). I pressed the remote to open the garage door (clue number two) and after pressing it and my keypad another five times, I unlocked the side door to turn on the inside lights (clue number three). Have you guessed yet? No power to the garage. Wondering if this was a local thing (and internally quickly checking when I had paid the NIPSCO bill), I looked at my neighbors. They had power.

My neighbor boy had arrived during this time (I think he could sense a damsel in distress). I did what every good girl does...I called my dad. He told me to check the fuse box. Thankfully, I know how to do this. They were all good. He told me to check the fuse box in the garage. Great thinking's am I going to do that? He told me to manually lift the garage door and then turn on my headlights...duh, why didn't I think of that?

I knew how to manually open the garage door because the gentleman who installed it taught me (I'll be calling him to thank him tonight). After pulling the red handle, releasing the mechanism and sliding the garage door open, I turned on the headlights. Not seeing a fuse box with neon lights around it, I walked around and wondered if there was a reset button somewhere on the outlets. I saw one and pressed a button. Nothing. I pressed the other button. Let there be light!

Now the only trick was to reset the garage door so the electricity can do its job and I can rely on it. Lesson learned - always check what something looks like before you take it apart. My neighbor boy was a trooper and was offering bits of advice here and there. Basically, it was to find someone else to help out. After several failed attempts and my neighbor boy stepping away "just in case." It still wasn't working. Suddenly, he found a black bolt on the floor. Could this help out? I tried attaching one lever to another lever (again, not the most mechanically gifted) and sticking the bolt through. I went to reach and press the garage door button and again, the neighbor boy stepped away, and it FINALLY went up and down without a problem!

I high-fived my neighbor boy and then went to pull my car into the garage. One problem - the garage door was down. Easy fix now...just press the button!


Mary said...

Garages must be banning together today because I ran into a little situation with mine when I got home. After pushing my garage door button repeatedly I parked the car in the driveway and went through the front door. Turned out the batteries had died in the remote. Silly little things....glad we both got into our houses!

C.Rush said...

I love the way you used the parentheses in your slice today. They held humorous asides, like you were talking directly to the reader, and I found myself looking forward to them. I like the way they broke up the text.

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Anonymous said...

I love, love, love that you have a blog :)

Nicole W.

Live, Laugh, Love! said...

I have had that similar situation when I lived in the Warsaw house and my Christmas lights set off the trip for the garage breaker. But it was when the house was on the market and there was a showing that day.....I definitely flipped out. But it was an easy solution just like yours. :)

Lisa said...

I love the installation guys who make sure you we understand how things work! Great story.