Thursday, March 25, 2010


As I drove home, I was contemplating what to write about...our musical program today, a student misunderstanding the meaning of chandelier (she thought it was champagne - alcohol - whoops), creating literacy stations...I really had nothing.

I walked up my steps, opened my mailbox, and saw a blue envelope. It was from one of my small group girls who is now in college. There are roughly twelve girls now in college ranging from freshmen to juniors who I hope I poured into while they were in high school (and hopefully in college too).

It was what I needed. It was a simple note letting me know how her life is, that she had been praying for me (I went through a dry spell earlier this year), and the influence that I have had in her life. After observing an amazing woman's legacy yesterday, my desire to leave a mark and live a life that is less about me and more about giving to others is growing.

A beautiful answer to prayer came in a blue envelope.

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