Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fight for what's right

First off, to the parents that read my blog, I am not talking about

I am irritated. I am mad. I am fuming. What kind of parent doesn't
check their child's backpack? What kind of parent doesn't take
responsibility when homework goes home but doesn't come back

My job is to educate them. Their job is to parent them. Plain and
simple. If you don't want to parent, then don't have kids.

I feel sorry for the one that I am just now beginning to love. He
has such hope, but I can see it in his eyes beginning to fade. I won't let it. I can't. Not in second grade.
I can't keep him in every recess. I can't catch him up what he doesn't do at home in the time that
I have the kids.

All I know is I have to do something. I apologized to him for not having the support at home that
he needs. I will come up with a plan - after school tutoring, an older buddy, lunch hangouts with
me (not recess time). I will fight for his education. I will fight for hope. I will fight for what is right.
Our children cannot succeed if we don't.


Becky said...

I guess this is why we are in this profession. Keep fighting, it is making a difference, if not immediately obvious.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting! If I can help let me know. JB