Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Lovely Day!

I have been a bit under the weather the past few days. However, today was wonderful! My sister came home this weekend to celebrate my birthday with me and I'm so glad she did.

After discount grocery shopping on Saturday morning, plus an amazing lunch at Cerulean, we played Train with our mom Saturday night. We finished the game up Sunday morning and had my birthday meal of chop suey followed by creme brulee. Be still my stomach. I'm saving my angel food cake for dinner with some close friends this week...

I was able to open up my presents from my parents and my sister. My sister is amazing at finding perfect gifts...she's just like my mom.
  • Vanilla Bean Noel air fresheners
  • back massager from Bath and Body Works
  • rain galoshes (black with polka dots) - fun
  • SF Cinnamon Dolce syrup from Starbucks
  • Colts long sleeve T-shirt (my first)
  • Chicago Cubs T-shirt (really cute...can barely tell it's Cubs)
  • a new hair dryer
  • DVD/VCR (which I may take back since the one I have now is still working...I thought it wasn't)

I still haven't opened my gift yet from my dad...I'll wait till Tuesday for that.

Even better than my presents from my family so far, was the time I got to spend with my mom and sister and just enjoying time was really nice! And very needed!

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