Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today was better. We set goals in our writing workshop. The students had to fill our their gaggle of goals. I think it helped. And what made it even better was hearing from our student teacher that one of my students during writing workshop, while two other students were talking, walked over to their desks, tapped on them, and reminded them that they had goals today. LOVE IT!

For reading workshop, we talked about synthesis and created something new out of our thinking. I used different ingredients and made chocolate mousse to represent how we mix our thinking and it grows and creates something new.

Later, I invited writers back to the room who wanted to try a glossary in their writing. Seven students came! Woo hoo! They were excited to try it and we ended up eating chocolate mouse (with crushed cookies mixed in). While we were discussing glossaries, one of my outspoken ones was wondering something. Out of her mouth came, "And don't even get me started about Gail Gibbons. She doesn't even do glossaries." She paused and continued, "And she doesn't do the table of contents." I could tell she was very frustrated with Gail Gibbons (a great author for informational text), and I told her that she could write her a letter and ask her to maybe try it. I don't doubt that I'll have a letter to read tomorrow.


Deanna said...

So glad that today was better! :)

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