Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Student Funnies...

The funnies that I have recently heard and recorded...

* I expect proper grammar when students speak with me. Consequently, today when a child told me he ain't got work, I made him repeat himself until he corrected the ain't. I told him that ain't isn't a word and another girl interrupted me to tell me that it isn't a word "unless it's in a sentence." Ahh...thanks! Also, one of my boys told me that he thinks it's been placed in the dictionary...if it has, then should I allow it?

* During a words lesson, one of my boys told me (out of the blue) doesn't like his grown-up teeth in the front of his mouth. He feels that it makes his gums feel weird.

* We are researching informational topics. One of my girls is writing about the human body. As we were sitting our groups sharing what we know (because if you can't talk about, you probably can't write about it), she shared that she knew that if it's a girl, it's born head first...we quickly left this topic.

* In the same group of sharing, we were talking about cows and how they get cut up for meat. I told them that's how we get hamburger and one of my boys stated he's never eating hamburger again.

* Again, in our sharing (they're great for spying on students), the students were talking about the differences between boys and girls. The students came up with the fact that boys have short hair and girls have long hair. My girl who is researching the body told the group that boys can have long hair. To which (without missing a beat) another boy stated, "Yeah, they're called hippies." I had to bite my tongue.

* I love how students are not aware of time. It becomes very evident when discussing years and the past. One of my girls is researching Amelia Earhart and I asked her when she was born. She didn't know (therefore, she'll research it) and two other students suggested times..."1975?" and then my hippies comment boy said, "1876?"

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Christi Overman said...

My favorite is the two who high-fived after the fart.

That rocks.