Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't quite have it...

I try to not use sarcasm in the classroom. I've read and heard that there just isn't a place for it. Sometimes I can't help myself. So, after teaching them what sarcasm meant a while ago, I figured the topic was over. I, again, was wrong.

Today, I asked the students to clean off their desks so we could focus on researching for our writing. Last year, many of my students were very literal...this year, not so much. I haven't had to explain figurative vs. literal language. After I gave them the instruction, one of my students asked if that applied to their water bottles as well. My amazing librarian student replied with, "Don't be so sarcasm."

Ah, sweetie, you don't quite have it...

And I just had to chuckle today when one of my boys high-fived another after he had passed some gas while we were reading a book together...boys will be boys. :)

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