Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today, I was able to go to a town nearby and visit with another fellow blogger and teacher. She warms my heart and inspires and challenges me all at the same time. I decided to stop at a nearby mall and do a little shopping. I was kind of bummed because my sister was in the same town visiting a friend and having lunch with my mom, but was going to be at the other big shopping area. As I was leaving one of the stores, who should I see, but my sister and my mom! It was great! I got to hang out with my sister for about 30 minutes and even ended up buying a pair of shoes while I was with her (wait till you see the green shoes) and pass off a few things for my dad that she's taking when she visits him at the end of the month. I underrated how much I needed to see her! It was a true blessing!

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