Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm a genius!

Okay, not really...it was by the grace of God. I had originally planned on teaching a focus lesson on strong action words, but I thought some dialogue needed help after seeing a student's writing yesterday. I shared from an author that we are using to mentor our writing and broke it down into three steps. And then it came to me...add some action to it. My students remember things so much more if we add action or hand motions to them.

Three things that dialogue needs
1) Character names
2) Tag lines (said) - this is where we added action by having students tag (some ended up whacking) themselves as we said the tag line
3) Quotation marks - and yes, we use our fingers to make air quotation marks here.

Did it work??? We'll see when they turn in some writing for me to read...I'm excited!

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