Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If they only knew...

My students say funny things...and I love it. Lately, they know when I am writing down things for the blog. I found out that through my blog, one of my students gets to hear some of the postings. He's started his own journal where he writes down what he's feeling and his thoughts. So cool!!!!

On Monday afternoon, one of my girls was upset over losing a free mini-notebook. Several students told her to retrace her steps. She replied that it'd be easier if she had paint on her shoes. Nice thinking!

Also on Monday, I refrained from using sarcasm and finally couldn't quite take it anymore. I said, "I could make a sarcastic comment, but I won't." One of my students asked what sarcastic meant. I tried to explain it, but told them I'd find another time to make one. Later in the day, I did find a time. After making a comment about student bringing toys to play with during school, I explained how it was sarcasm. And without realizing the sarcastic comment it could be made into, he said, "Thanks for teaching us sarcasm today."

And today, while it wasn't funny, but so incredibly sweet...I kept a group of students in to work on writing the date correctly. One student was upset that he didn't get to go to recess and another student replied, "Learning is more important than recess. Learning is better than recess." Woo hoo...getting through to some of them!

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