Monday, November 16, 2009

Learning to see them for who they are...

Today was a sweet day! One of my girls was absent on Thursday when our cadet teacher's last day was. After she read the morning message and I gave her some more instructions, she came back with her head hung down. Wondering what caused her to be in a horrible mood already, I questioned her. She didn't say anything. I knelt down on my knees to really look into her eyes. She broke into sobs and said that she missed our cadet teacher and didn't get to say good-bye. I assured her that our cadet teacher would be back to visit and we would be able to send her things. She then knelt down on her knees and kept crying about missing her. Then, gathering her wits, she looked at me and throwing her arms around me said, "Well, at least I still got you." Made my heart melt!

Then in our morning meeting, students had to pick out the most important part of Edward Tulane (as we refer to it) and I was shocked at their ideas. Granted I got a "when she coughed up blood..." (some boys never mature), but other ideas were amazing.
- Edward and the stars because they kept coming back
- Edward on the ocean floor
- Edward getting thrown into the ocean
- Edward on the doll shelf
- Edward on the shelf and the doll saying, "You disappoint me" (My mouth almost dropped when one of the boys shared that.)
- Edward being found
- Edward being thrown into the trash
- Edward being found by the hobo
- Edward dancing for Sarah Ruth

I am so thankful that I did read the book to the class. I was afraid the boys wouldn't get it. I was afraid that they wouldn't understand the meaning behind the book. I was afraid they wouldn't fall in love with Edward. I am glad I took the chance.

Same girl from above brought a book that connected to a poem that we had read in our class. I promised I would read it at morning meeting and time got away. I promised her I would read it before lunch. She came to me and told me that I had broken my promise, not once, but twice. I vowed to not do it again. I made her number six on our to do list in the afternoon and I did not break my promise again. We read it together and it brought up a great conversation.

And of course, the end of the day is always great when they leave and we do our high five or hug. I am always shocked when I get the hugs from the boys. They come quickly and the boys don't say anything, but it warms my heart to the very center. The class is not who I had last year (almost all of those students come back every lunch recess to give me hugs), but this class is one that I am learning to love for who they are. And don't we all want that?

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Anonymous said...

Your sidekick was great, but your the super teacher. Your student JB.