Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Routines...not to be broken!!!

Routines were made to be broken, right? Not too sure after this morning. After hitting the snooze button once (a routine), I got dressed (routine), headed downstairs to make coffee (routine) and began my egg-white omelette (four year routine). The past few days I have tried cooking my egg whites in the microwave. They seem to turn out fluffier that way. Today began a new routine!

I separated the eggs and placed the four egg whites into the bowl and mixed them up well. Add some dried onions and into the microwave to cook for a minute. Wait time. Pierced the eggs to release air bubbles. Cook another minute. Wait time again. Listened to the air bubbles hiss and steam. Pierced and flipped over the eggs to cook the other side (can't stand runny eggs) and in for another minute. Wait time again...and listened to air bubbles. They began to be louder so I stopped the microwave and took them out. I pierced the eggs and as I entered the fork for the last pierce, a loud POP filled the room. At the exact same time, and in slow motion, a volcano erupting egg whites occured on my counter, my clothes, and my floor. Whoops...guess I'll go back to cooking them on the stove.

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