Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sweetness...slice of life

As I finished up the teaching for the students in Sunday School, I headed into the office to check my e-mail. I saw a boy dive onto the floor and noticed that he and his dad were having some grand old time just being a dad and his son. As I greeted them, I kept walking and heard "Pretty."

I wasn't quite sure what the little boy had said, so I asked him, "What?"

He replied, "I said you're pretty." Seriously, I felt the goodness of the compliment warm my entire being.

What a beautiful little boy...and how sweet. That one tender comment made my morning...and knowing that his family is raising him and nurturing that tender spirit is amazing!


Juliann said...

Gotta love kids and their willingness to just say what is on their minds.

Letterpress said...

I love these little "atta boys" that the universe sends. What a treasure!