Saturday, March 14, 2009

Changes...slice of life

I had originally decided this morning to write my slice about the spa treatment I received when I went to the Aveda Institute in Indy...haircut, mini-facial, small massage, and head massage for 15 bucks...yes, you read right! But as I was waiting for my sister, it all changed.

I had paid and sat down at the wooden table and chairs to grade papers while my sister was on her way over for an appointment. As I was waiting, I could see the entire salon and to my right was the hallway that led into the Castleton Mall. Two glass doors allowed people to walk in and out. I glanced several times at people walking by, but one couple caught and kept my attention. There was nothing overly beautiful about either one. They were in their 50s or 60s and the woman had on orange shoes. Jeans, sweatshirts, again, nothing out of the ordinary (except for the shoes). What struck me was the pace they were walking. Slow...turtle slow. She shuffled along and he just led the way holding her hand. She never spoke a word and I watched them for about 100 feet. They passed right in front of me and while I should have looked away, something about them was intriguing. He manuevered her over to the table on my left (nearest the door), grabbed her gently, kissed her, and helped her sit into a chair. He told her he'd be right back and went out to get the car. He came back in, helped her up, kissed her again, and then again, without uttering a single word, she shuffled with him in the lead out to the car. He opened the car door, helped her in, and then they drove off.

The compassion and tenderness and love that this man has for her was beautiful, captivating, intriguing. The committment that was present reminds me of why I will not settle. I am grateful that I got to see such a tender exchange of love between a couple that are strangers to me.

When I take my eyes off my own self, I tend to see the beauty that is all around, just waiting to be breathed in...if only I will stop and just be present in slices of life.


ruth (twt) said...

lovely slice today cathy. i especially enjoyed your ending -- it's so true, isn't it?

Letterpress said...

My mother, aged 80, was telling me about hers and Dad's relationship this past little while (he's 83). "It's deepening," she said. I was amazed that at their ages they can still enrich and deepen their relationship. So much of our society is focused on the young, sexual side of love, but not enough on couples like you observed, or like my parents. Better that kind of love, I think. Thanks for a great post.


Kathy said...

Love like that is so rare. But so wonderful when you find it. That is how I want the Big D and I to be when we are shuffling around at 90!

Bonnie K said...

What a gorgeous slice. Would you have really seen this moment if you weren't engaged in this challenge? Keeps you looking carefully,

Sarah Amick said...

I am glad that you are not settling! I loved that part, you have a true sense of what you want, and I am praying for that perfection to come your way!
Thank you for reminding me of what I have... we need to be reminded of our blessings daily!