Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Sigh of Relief...slice of life

All the text said is, "I'm home."

And that right there began the giant smile that is on my face and lets me feel that I am complete again.

I drove over to my mom's after I took a short nap (running trails is hard) and as I got closer, the smile grew. When I walked into my mom's kitchen, there she was standing there. In her hands was my sister's messenger bag. In the bag was a styrofoam sleeve covering my MacBook. It was finally fixed and brought back to my hometown by my mom who had met my sister halfway in between our two towns.

I looked at her and we both sighed at once. Relief. I opened the bag gingerly, brought out the bag and pulled the MacBook out and we just looked at it. It's amazing how just having it again makes me feel normal.



T-Dawg said...

I get it! My liitle black Mac laptop is like family to me. Congratulations on your reunion!

Becky said...

Well crafted! Several times through your piece I shifted my predictions of the meaning of "I'm home". Now I get it.