Saturday, March 28, 2009

Patience pays off...slice

There was a local 5K held today in our town. I decided to enter (last minute) to run with others, to support the cause, and to prepare my legs for the future 10 miler on Monday. After finishing the 5K and having my PR by almost 2 minutes, it was time to celebrate with the winners. I had already downed my cookie, banana, and water. I was holding onto my bagel to take home and toast (btw, the most amazing food EVER at a 5K). The crowd had started out at almost 600 people running and walking together and it was finally dwindling out. I'm assuming that because people knew they hadn't won, they left. I would have too...until I heard there were door prizes.

Three door prizes were given away and then the awards for each age level were presented. You could see the many people gathered begin to retreat and exit. I was sitting with some friends from church and wasn't sure if I should stay or go...because with door prizes, you never know. More and more people were leaving until there were probably less than 75 people. The announcer then began awarding door prizes by bib number rather than names and ironically, it looked like he was scanning the crowd. Hmmmm...I heard that a facial was being given away and I thought, I should make sure he sees my bib number. I unzipped my jacket and stepped forward from the table that I was sitting at. When he called the wasn't mine. Darn! He announced ANOTHER free facial gift certificate and I decided to be bolder. I took another step and began to Vanna White my bib...and lo and behold, my number was called! I yelled and cheered for myself, skipping up to the presenter with my bagel in hand.

Just goes to show you that with a little perseverance and patience, and a little boldness...sometimes you can win! I'll let you know about the facial...


Anonymous said...

:) Can't wait to hear about the facial!

Letterpress said...

This was a great story. Sometimes we just have to be willing to be bold. I'm totally impressed that you did a 5K--wow!