Thursday, March 19, 2009

Looking ahead...slice of life

Today's slice is a bit unconventional because it hasn't happened yet. I know slices are meant to be about things that have already happened, but everything about today is leading up to it.

I am in the process of training for a half-marathon on May 2. Tonight, my friend and I are running nine miles. Nine. Miles. I am dreading it. But I'm preparing myself.

Items Needed for Preparation
- good snacks (apple this morning and pbj sandwich this afternoon)
- hydration (Crystal Light rocks!)
- pain reliever (need I say more?)
- one amazing friend (she has probably logged more than 100 miles with me)
- gumption (working on that today - going to try writing on my arm some inspiration)

My goal today is to go out and run it and not worry about the time (okay, that's kind of a lie). My goal is to go and finish it and not quit (for those of you who pray, I'm going to beg for prayers today between 4:30 and 6:30 - if you think of it, I'd be so appreciative!) Will let you know how it was...


Bonnie K said...

What a perfect Advanced Slice. How exciting. I remember my running days. A non-athlete, running got me started and I loved being new with it. So good luck and keep us posted in tomorrow's slice.
Good thing you have good snacks. No rain today, Cathy,

Tracey said...

Best wishes on your 13.1!

Letterpress said...

Can I just say I'm totally impressed? I can barely walk a quarter of that distance, so nine miles sounds like Amazing!

Yep, you'll be thought of--and what a high you'll have to have completed it.


Anonymous said...

Yes Crystal light does rock!!
I hope your run went well.