Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Again??? slice of life

Today, it was me in the bathroom. Students were coming in, putting away backpacks, greeting their friends and getting to work. One boy had to take a quiz on the computer and I thought, this is my chance. I snuck into the bathroom because the students (for the most part) know their morning procedures. All of a sudden (yes, I'm in the bathroom) I hear, "Miss Cathy?"

It was the boy on the computer...he couldn't take the quiz because he had already taken it. Can't I just have one moment to myself, especially in the bathroom? I holler back that he needed to wait and as I was flushing (sorry for the graphicness), the door is flung open.

I grunted some sort of noise and then kick the door shut. Apparently another girl didn't realize that I was in there. What a way to start the morning...I guess tomorrow is a good time to review procedures for the bathroom.


Deanna said...

Cathy, you're living MY LIFE!!!!! AHHHH!!!!! I can't think of one day in the past couple of weeks that I haven't been interrupted on the potty!!! :)

Lynnelle said...

Ahh, the life of the teacher. My favorite moment was when I came out of the bathroom and one of my students was standing there, "You go to the bathroom?" Seriously?

Hoping tomorrow you can potty in peace. :-)

snowflakes6 said...

I waited all day to get a moment to use the washroom---it did not happen till all the buses had left.
Your slice did make me laugh.