Sunday, December 7, 2008

It Matters...

It Matters...
a poem dedicated to Officer Terry Polston

The time given
Many sacrifices made
Love freely flowing

Giant gentle arms
Full of grace
Full of love

Comforting others
during a valley of his own

Laughter rumbling
Completely filling
Smiles that overtake

Greatly missed
Always remembered
Legacies always
live on

Today was the memorial for OP...I cannot fathom what his family is going through. We rejoiced over his healing and being with Christ, but I miss his earthly presence. It was an honor to be able to be present at the memorial and see the honor that was bestowed upon this gentle giant who loved others and proves that it's the dash that counts on a headstone. I have never heard the final 1042 said upon the radios of emergency personnel and I am in awe of the dedication that these men and women have in serving others.

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Anonymous said...

wow cath! i'm glad you shared some poetry. it is a very touching and meaningful poem. you should submit it to poetry friday this week.